Centers of Excellence

With the advancement in treatments for prostate cancer, the medical management of this disease has become increasingly complicated and diverse. Patients now have treatment options ranging from surgery to radiation to immune system therapy to hormone therapy. In many cases, patients see multiple providers to fully cover their prostate cancer treatment.

The physicians of Urology Associates understand how complicated the management of prostate cancer can be for our patients. Because of this, we have created an Advanced Prostate Cancer Center of Excellence.

Our team of specialized physicians, mid-levels, and nurses work with our patients from the onset of prostate cancer, creating personalized treatment plans based on each individual’s needs. Using evidence based medicine supported by both the National Comprehensive Cancer Network (NCCN) and the American Urological Association (AUA), we ensure our patients are receiving the most cutting edge treatments possible.

Our team not only provides treatment directly for prostate cancer but will also focus on other health aspects affected by prostate cancer including bone health and sexual health. Our Bone Health Clinic allows us to track and manage your overall bone health. This is a very important aspect of prostate cancer treatment as prostate cancer can adversely affect bone health.

Our entire team of experts realize that prostate cancer treatment is a long road and we want to travel that road with our patients.

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