Testicular/Scrotal Pain

Testicular/scrotal pain may indicate a serious problem like testicular torsion, so it’s important to take it seriously. The expert urologists at Urology Associates have extensive experience in diagnostics, medical urology, and urologic surgery, allowing them to identify and treat the pain quickly and effectively.

Questions and Answers


What is Testicular/Scrotal Pain?

Testicular/scrotal pain is any pain that occurs in your testicles, which are housed inside your scrotum. Generally, testicular and scrotal pain mean the same thing: pain inside the scrotum. Many men experience the following problems when they have testicular pain.

  • Unusually warm scrotum

  • Red scrotal skin

  • Blood in the urine (hematuria)

  • Penile discharge

Testicular pain and its associated symptoms are a major warning sign that could indicate serious conditions like testicular torsion. If you have these symptoms, get in touch with your Urology Associates urologist as soon as possible.


What Causes Testicular Pain?

There are many possible reasons for testicular pain, including:

  • Epididymitis: inflamed epididymis organ behind your testicle

  • Inguinal hernia: intestinal protrusion into your groin

  • Testicular torsion: twisted testicle

  • Orchitis: inflammation that affects one or both testicles

  • Prostatitis: prostate inflammation

  • Severe urinary tract infection (UTI)

  • Kidney stones: if pain radiates downward

  • Hydrocele: fluid buildup in your scrotum

  • Spermatocele: fluid buildup in your testicle

  • Varicocele: varicose vein in your scrotum

  • Sexually transmitted disease: chlamydia, gonorrhea, or syphilis

Sometimes, external factors can cause testicle pain as well. For example, blunt trauma to the testicle from a collision or other kind of accident can potentially cause serious bruising and pain.
In rare cases, blunt trauma can cause testicular rupture, in which the tunica albuginea (connective tissue in testicles) is torn.


How Do You Diagnose Testicular/Scrotal Pain?

Testicular/scrotal pain diagnosis starts with a physical exam and health history. Your specialist also orders lab tests and possibly imaging studies according to the suspected underlying cause of your pain.

You commonly have a urinalysis and blood test, which help determine whether you have an infection and may identify other causes of testicular pain. If you’re experiencing penile discharge, a sign of sexually transmitted disease, you may need a urethral swab for testing.

Imaging tests may include ultrasound, computed tomography (CT) scan, X-ray of your urinary tract, or radionuclide imaging.


How Do You Treat Testicular Pain?

Treatment depends on the cause, so it can vary from a course of antibiotics to surgical repair of damaged testicular and scrotal tissue. Most causes of testicular pain are treatable, but getting a prompt evaluation is key in maintaining your long-term health.

We offer testicular/scrotal pain solutions in a stress-free, comfortable environment. For expert care, call your preferred Urology Associates of Mobile location.

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